Amberly's Place

Amberly’s Place is a full service victim center which provides on-scene crisis response as well as crisis intervention at the victim center. Amberly’s Place crisis response advocates provide hope and guidance to victims of child molest, domestic violence, adult sexual assault and elder abuse from the moment the report of abuse is made. Victims are informed of their rights as well as guided through the criminal justice system. Forensic interviews and medical exams are conducted at the center by trained forensic specialist.

"Thank you for caring about us and giving us hope of a life free from abuse"


Amberly’s Place is a non-profit center which provides crisis intervention to victims of abuse 24/7. Trained Crisis Response Advocates walk the victim and family members through the investigative process in a warm welcoming environment. The emergency needs of the victims are addressed which can include emergency housing, clothing, food, school supplies, diapers and formula. Referrals are provided for housing, food stamps and counseling. Crisis Advocates accompany the victim to court for the initial appearance and the arrangement. The overwhelming community support this agency receives has made it possible to provide for the emergency needs of victims. Each victim who uses the Center picks out a beautiful hand made quilt to keep. The quilt is a warm hug of support for the victim. Presentations on Mandated Reporter training is offered as well as presentation on all abuse topics by local team members and experts. Amberly’s Place is governed by an Executive Board of Directors is made up of community leaders. The Board oversees the financial stability of the Center as well as adopts policies.

"Thank you for providing us with a life line of help."


Last year services were provided to 2073 victims. This agency has never turned a victim away for lack of staff to respond. The way this is accomplished is by the use of dedicated volunteers who have been trained in crisis response services. Twice a year volunteer trainings are held. This detailed training included, back ground screening, fingerprinting, 24 hrs class room training, ride along’s with local law enforcement officers and a field training with full time crisis response advocate. Volunteer are also used to assemble activity bags for the children, hygiene kits and putting educational packets together. If you would like to volunteer please call 928-373-0849.

Annual Events

The annual fundraiser for this agency is called, “Amberly’s Week in Paradise” numerous vacation packages are donated. The night of the drawing families are invited to Main Street Cinema’s for the live drawing and a free movie after the drawing. This is a time when community comes together for a fun filled evening and great prizes while supporting victims of abuse.



1310 South 3rd Ave
Yuma, AZ 85364


Executive Director

Diane Umphress




8am to 5pm; nights and weekends as needed for crisis services